There aren’t enough games about the sort of activities that we actually do in daily life.  Here’s an idea –

Office Combat Simulator

You must build your team to manage and process sales information more quickly than rival teams.  This is a non-violent (passive-aggressive, perhaps?) real-time-strategy game.  The main game screen is an overhead view of the office – I imagine this looking a lot like FTL.  Instead of weapon and shield stations, you would have data stations, reception desks, the coffee room, the copy machine, the postal station, etc.  Your team members would have a variety of skills at different office stations, and special skills that would be useful or harmful depending on the context and circumstance – ex., one worker might be an ace at phone skills, but be terrible at making coffee.  Special abilities would work into this as well – extra efficiency on the copier, more likely to cause computer breakdowns, etc.  Unlike FTL, the enemy team would be in the same office.  Some resources would be exclusive (computer stations), while others would be shared (coffee room).  You would need to allocate your workers to tasks both to maximize their own abilities, and to block the ability of the enemy to do the same.

The meat of this game would be the real-time battles between your staff and the enemy, each fighting to process more orders and thus get a better productivity rating.  These rounds would last a certain number of minutes.  Between rounds, you’d have a hiring round or a layoff round, where you can acquire new staff, protect your high performers, attempt to lard the enemy team with losers, or be forced to downsize your own team.