Imagine you won the lottery.  What would you do with all that money?  How would it change your life?  I’m sure everyone has fantasized about this at some point in their life.

But imagine this – your RPG character suddenly wins the maximum possible amount of currency they can carry.  What would change in the life of that character?

In a pen and paper game, this can be a fun situation for the GM and the player to work out – how they go about using that money to achieve outlandish things.  In a video game, the answer is, in pretty much every situation, not much at all.  Sure, the character can buy up the best equipment available in any store.  If, that is, there was anything interesting to buy, and if the player didn’t already own it, and if those expensive items were usable by a character of that level.  But other than job-enabling equipment, what is there to buy?  A house, sometimes.  And that’s about it.

It’s an interesting disconnect, between the life-changing omnipotence of money in the real world, and its irrelevance in most RPG’s.