I make a point of slogging through my Steam Greenlight queue every so often.  As of this evening, Steam reports that I’ve voted in favor of 107 entries, out of perhaps 300 or so that I have viewed.  This might make me an exceptionally unusual gamer or something.  Whenever I hear Greenlight mentioned, people talk of the grinding PR blitz and the immense hurdles of gathering up votes – which never made sense to me, as I started voting for Greenlight stuff as soon as it was an option.

Let’s see what the queue has tonight.

Estranged – Act 1

Video starts immediately, but it’s in-game footage of an introduction, so that’s something.  There’s little that I hate mor than to be assaulted by random developers introducing themselves for 10 minutes before saying ANYTHING AT ALL about their game.

However, it’s also apparent rather quickly that it’s an enigmatic survival horror game.  Eh, whatever.  “Help me, they’ve taken over the island.  They’re . . . out there,” says the somewhat scared radio voice.  Have you tried the Coast Guard or the other local authorities?  Good voice acting, though.

Still, it looks like they’re quite a ways along with it, and it’s not totally offensive, so I give it a YES.

XING: The Land Beyond

First person puzzler.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faeria – Strategy Card Game

10 seconds of jerky scenery, but then some cards and hexes show up.  It even animates a bit of gameplay.  Hmn.

This looks intriguing, a bit of the board-game with a bit of the card-game with computer execution and Euro-cute fantasy art.  I’ll give them a YES.

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Monster Truck Destruction

Didn’t this game come out in 1998 or something?  Well, it looks pretty professional and comprehensive, and I can’t imagine Steam would be worse off having MONSTER TRUCKS!  The video has a nice guitar riff, too.  I’ll give it a YES.


Oddly, that was all.  I guess they’re having trouble finding stuff to fill my queue these days.  So here are a couple highlights that I’ve already voted on.

Sprintres – Drive monster Soviet trucks through the trackless Siberian wastes.  What more could you ever need?

Warmachine Tactics – This is a PC adaptation of one of the biggest European miniatures sensations in a while, or something.  Being based off a solid game, it’ll probably be pretty interesting.

One Button Death Punch – Perhaps the most awesome game ever – at least in theory, to a kung-fu maniac such as myself.

Riot – Because you get to control a violent street fight.  How often do you get to do that?

Interestingly, going through my past votes, I saw a few projects that are now for sale on Steam – a couple of which I’ve even bought.  Hello, Rogue Legacy and Papers, Please!