This arrived last night.


The Ogre Designers Edition was the first thing I supported on Kickstarter, and the first thing I have received thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

I have yet to open the box, but the sheer scale of the thing is awe-inspiring.  This really is something like the Moon Landing of the board games industry, something so enormously massive that it becomes a new “big box” benchmark, something so incredibly awesome that it sets new standards for size, beauty, and ambition.

But how does it play?  Good question.  It’s been YEARS since I played Ogre, and a very long time indeed since I played any old-school hex wargames.  Ogre is fairly simple compared to some of the other games I played or tried to play, like Sixth Fleet and The Russian Campaign, but it’s nothing at all like the stripped-down modern games of today, something like Memoir ’44.

My regular Memoir adversary has agreed to learn the game, and I’ll report back later on what I think.