This is a game that takes the basics of the “space survival horror” genre and turns them on their head.  You find some sort of derelict space station, and have to use your knowledge of space technology and space systems to gradually work your way inside the station, survive against the horrors within, and get to the final MacGuffin.

That’s all pretty standard sounding – Dead Space sounding, in fact.  Here’s the twist – you can’t fight.  At all.  Your suit is easily punctured by the slightest sort of mishap, and you have no weapons.

You have to do everything with technology, taking advantage of your control over power, mechanical systems, heat, and air.   You’re on the outside, and so long as you stay there, you’re safe – but everything you need to reach is inside.  The ship’s automated survival systems won’t let you just purge the entire station – you’ve got to be a bit more surgical about the situation.  Get station power working, figure out how to push the horrors away from areas you need to work, figure out which systems can give you abilities that are useful against the enemies,

I imagine this playing out a bit like a Mega Man game.  You need to do a series of things.  Any one of them is hard, but as you gain access to more systems, certain other challenges open up, or become easier.  Activating a system gets you access to new tools and abilities, but none of them can help you if the bad guys get too close.    It’s also a bit of a puzzle game – how can you use the tools at hand to get to your objective?  And finally, it’s still a bit of survival horror.  Sometimes the bad guys will still get to you, but if you’re fast enough, you just might be able to get to the airlock before they get to you.