I learned my first hex-based wargame from my Dad when I was in elementary school.  He taught me Conquistador, which is a cool game in theory but actually pretty awful.  We also played the quite solid Blitzkrieg, the rather obtuse Sixth Fleet (the older version – the newer version was just incomprehensible), and the not terribly interesting Oil War.  We dabbled a little bit in The Russian Campaign as well, but never learned it well enough to appreciate what a gem it is – I only learned later how well regarded it was.  Oh yeah, and GEV. 🙂

Despite all that, I never really got into wargaming on the PC.  Sure, I played lots of strategy titles, but actual PC Wargames always managed to drive me away.  It was a whole variety of things, chief amongst them the “stand-alone scenario” problem.  I always wanted big, integrated and strategic campaigns, and never got used to the idea of standalone battles.

I’ve gotten better, but I still can’t claim to be a serious wargamer.  That said, it’s been a real joy to discover Unity of Command.  It’s a fairly simple hex-based wargame about the East Front that is just incredibly simple and fun to play.  I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said in a ton of reviews already, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the game to anyone with an interest in turn based strategy games.