Imagine a big multi-player shooter map, with 2 teams duking it out.  Every player is an AI bot.  You, the human, fly around in ghost mode and give orders – go here, take up firing positions there, cover that flank, etc.  If voice commands were done right, it would be a perfect fit.  You can only see what your squaddies see – fog of war covers the remainder of the map.

This would be fundamentally different from other strategy games because of the freedom offered by the full 3D map.  Every inch of space, every angle, every possible sight-line, and every possible ambush point could be used to your advantage – but it would have to be done coherently, with a plan in mind, or you’d just get rolled.  It would offer the player a very different experience than is possible in shooters as well, because the player is only giving orders and not shooting, has the disembodied perspective to give solid orders, and has bots which will actually follow orders instead of running off to get killed by themselves Rambo-style.

This could scale up nicely – have squad commanders, each watching over a group of bots, and coordinated by a team captain.  Done like that, it might perhaps be MOBA-esque.

This may not be technically possible, but it would be cool.