High Frontier Colonization, the new expansion and total re-writing of High Frontier, is one I’ve anticipated for a while.  It seems to explicitly address the problems in the original regarding the endgame, and provides all kinds of really interesting super-future things to do.  The original expansion added complexity to the game, but really didn’t provide much of a motive to use it.  This one looks good.

Pax Porfiriana is a card-game reworking of the original Lords of the Sierra Madre, one of Phil Eklund’s first games.  I picked it up because it was going out of print.  Hopefully it’s playable with two players, or is simple enough for classroom usage (Hah!), or I don’t think it will get much play.

Netrunner is the new living-card-game version of the original Netrunner, by the same guy who designed Magic the Gathering.  I still have a soft spot in my heart for Magic, and for CCG’s in general, and this one may well fit into my regular gaming routine, provided I can make a convert of my regular gaming partner.  I’ve opened it up and given the rules a thorough reading, but the only real comment I have at the moment is that I’m really amazed by the lore of this game – for a horrible reason.  Somehow, they made the evil corporations more sympathetic than the freedom-fighter hackers, even to a hard-left former-union-activist such as myself.  Amazing.