I started playing the StarCraft 2 campaign tonight.  I’m trying to make a world-beating MOBA in the StarCraft 2 editor, so I figure I oughta learn the base game, at least a little bit.

I am perhaps the only one whose initial reaction to the StarCraft 2 campaign was, “WTF, all the future people are white!”

They’re not only white, they are white Americans.  Not only white Americans, but vaguely southern white Americans.  And by southern, I don’t mean Mexican, Latino, or any form of Hispanic.  No, they’re good ol’ boys.

Perhaps in the 1950’s, during the era of unparalleled American strength and dominance in pretty much everything, it was possible to imagine a lily-white space-faring future.  Nowadays, it requires total and utter ignorance.  India and China are recovering from 300/200 years on the downswing, respectively, and have the economic clout and demographic weight to be a key part of any realistic Space Future, whatever form it may take.  Not just a part, but in all likelihood a dominant part.

In particular, if any Earth nationality is likely to produce a “Space Emperor,” it would have to be China.  Seriously, who could imagine a post-Enlightenment European or North American power creating a proper Absolute Monarchy?  It does not seem terribly likely for China, either, but at least there’s a very strong cultural tradition to draw upon, one that had some currency into the 20th century.  But a Space Empire based on any Western culture?  No.

Corporate dystopia?  Maybe.  Anarcho-syndicalist communes?  Maybe.  The Federation, in its fullest Star Trek sense?  Maybe.  An ugly and inefficient UN lookalike?  Maybe.  Space Empire?  Yeah, right.