This is the most awesome game ever.

Well, maybe that’s a bit strong.  But it’s one of the most cackle-inducing displays of awesome-ness I’ve seen recently.

Stick-figure kung-fu, with every over-the-top ass-kicking move imaginable, fast and smooth and fluid animation . . . it’s seriously awesome.  Every fighting game tries to create the feeling of being the most bad-ass warrior who has ever lived, but all too often they get bogged down by the actual mechanics of fighting in an open environment, and you end up jump-kicking against the wall and looking silly.

By restricting you control in the most severe way possible, One Finger Death Punch allows for a more cinematic experience while still giving the player a modicum of control.  Your little stick-figure dude whips out the most awesome kung-fu ass whuppin’ imaginable at a blinding pace, and you feel like a badass just clicking along.

And the game modes . . . utter brilliance.  Light sword round?  Why not.  Oh, and a numchuck round, because of course.  And a thunderstorm round, because seriously, you have to.

If you love kung-fu, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

One Finger Death Punch, by Silver Dollar Games.