That went better than expected.  Two practice matches against beginner AI, just to get a handle on what things look like and how they play.  I chose my two standbys of yore, Janna and Veigar, and pretty much cleaned house in both matches.  12/1/9 with Veigar seemed pretty good, for a first go around, but the AI bots are SO BAD that I know that playing against them just builds bad habits.  Then again, just last night, some Elite AI beat my team in HotS last night – thanks to two dumbasses who thought that split push in the face of a deathball was the way to go, over and over and over.

I need to learn the items.  I don’t know them, and waste lots of time in the store.  I need to remember visibility and warding, and get comfortable enough with the flow of things to watch the minimap.  I need to figure out how to get feedback about what my teammates are doing.  In HotS, I always felt like I knew what my allies were up to, all game.  Here, they seemed nearly invisible unless I really took time to figure it out.

But at least I knew not to feed the bots, not to chase, and not to tower dive.  That’s a start.