Here are the ideas I’ve posted on this blog, all collected together in chronological order.  It’s too bad I can’t program, and am not an artist, and have a draining full-time teaching job, otherwise I’d have enough ideas here for a lifelong career in games design and development.  Sigh.

Office Combat Simulator – An RTS of office worker placement,  printer resource management, and break-room obstruction.

Mega Death Tank – Blast your enemies with nuclear fire and gradually crunch your way towards their capital city, in this endless runner/missile command mashup.

Ultimate Kung-Fu Game – Travel the countryside, and put down evil-doers with your kung-fu skills.  Mixes the  life-simulator genre with the RPG, and adds a fighting-game interface.

Monster Defense Force – Be the ultimate Godzilla-killing lowball security subcontractor.  Profit, and save the world while you’re at it.

Card Hunter 4X Mashup – A MOO style space 4X game, but with card accumulation and deck construction taking the place of research and ship design.

Left for Dark Gauntlet – It’s like Left 4 Dead, except you’re in a dungeon, and everyone fights like they’re from Dark Souls.

Space Engineer Challenge – You’ve gotta get into a Horror Space Station, and get a MacGuffin, but you’re just a puny engineer who can’t attack.  Use your brains, physics, and hard vacuum to fix, modify, or break things.  Eat vacuum, alien scum!

Fantasy Dynasty Strategy Simulator Game – It’s like Crusader Kings, if it was a Roguelike, and every round you had to face Sauron.

Bot Commander – Have you ever played a tactical FPS game, and wished that you could just order everyone around, without getting shot in the face by annoying 12 year-olds?  This is the game for you.

Space Colony – Lead your tiny group of incredibly valuable colonists to long-term survival on an alien world.  Kinda like King of Dragon Pass, but with a bit of Crusader Kings style faction politicking, and a lot more Evil Aliens.

MTG MMO – Really, I think that speaks for itself.